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Atlanta Logo Designer

Improve Your Brand With a Professional Logo

Logo Design: Famous Brands Know How Important This Is

Atlanta’s Brand Cultivation is a small, niche agency you can trust with your logo design, or logo redesign.

Your logo is not your brand, yet your logo’s design can greatly impact your brand.

Successful brands like those above* make their logo a top priority. They invest in getting it right.

The logos of most successful brands have these common traits: They are simple, bold and memorable. And they almost never try to convey the function of the business through the logo.

Logo Design Process

Designing the best logo for your business or organization starts with research. Understanding your business—its story, products, services, competitors and customers—is crucial to developing a logo that will help build a strong brand.

Logo Designer Atlanta Company Pencil Eraser

Starting with pencil sketches, the best concepts are created and refined in professional design software like Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer. You’ll review these designs in color and black and white, and in product mockups so you can see your logo in realistic applications. Based on your feedback, the selected logo is revised until it’s just right. Your approved logo is provided in multiple formats so it can be perfectly reproduced at any size.

A brand style guide (optional) helps ensure your logo and other brand assets (colors, typography, icons, images) are used correctly and consistently, internally and with print, signage and other vendors.

Logo Design Cost

How much does it cost to design a logo? Can you afford a professionally-designed logo? The real question is, can you afford not to have a professional logo? Get in touch today to get your logo design price.

Your brand deserves and needs a great logo. Let’s make it happen.

* Nope, the famous logos above were not designed here. Brand Cultivation would not be so affordable if they had been! Copyright, trademark and ownership of these marks belongs to their respective companies.

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