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TimeYou’re good at what you do, and running your business keeps you busy. And it can leave you short on time to effectively market yourself. If that’s the case, you need a partner you can count on. Brand Cultivation offers many creative services designed to help your small business (or ministry) grow.

We can boost your brand identity with a creative, memorable logo. We can professionally design, build, optimize and host your website. We can tackle your graphic design projects with style. We can help with content creation (writing and editing) and many other marketing needs.

Improve your brand, grow your business.
It’s more than our tagline … it’s what we do.

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Website Design, SEO, CMS, Hosting

Do you love your site? Or could it use a little pick-me-up?

Design PreviewWeb Design

Simple. Clean. The most effective sites are those that look great without interfering with the user. Good design, but not for design’s sake. We design and build websites that are attractive as well as highly functional and easy to navigate.

We spend time up front to get to know you and your objectives. We research where you are today. We research your competition. We meticulously craft the information architecture and site structure. We … well, maybe you could just have a look at a few examples of our web design:

Website Design Examples

SEO = Get Found!

Want your site to be found on Google, Yahoo! and Bing? Our search engine optimization (SEO) can help. SEO is the process of helping your site rank highly in search results. Not paid positioning (like Google AdWords), but regular, or organic search results. Normally, we include expert SEO with every Brand Cultivation website. After all, once your site is built and launched, you’ll want your target audience to find you!

Easy to maintain WordPress sites are our specialty.

Because fresh content affects your SEO, it’s important that your site is easy to update. Brand Cultivation websites are a breeze to update because they’re built with WordPress, a user-friendly, open source content management system (CMS) and blogging platform. So whether you need a basic site, plan to blog regularly or need to sell products on an e-commerce platform, you’ll be able to update your website from virtually any computer—even your smartphone. It’s literally about as easy as working in Word.

High-Performance Website Hosting

We provide hosting for our clients’ sites on robust and secure servers. We don’t host other sites, so your site is far less likely to ever experience downtime than if it were on a ‘shared hosting’ server. Costs a tiny bit more, but the peace of mind is well worth it. (We’ve been down the super-cheap shared hosting road—ask us why we don’t go there anymore!)

Website Updates and Maintenance

As easy as our sites are to update, some clients prefer that we handle that for them. If you would like us to handle making regular—or not so regular—updates to your site, we can do that, too. We’re happy to provide a quote for periodic updates. If your changes are small and very infrequent, they’re probably going to be done at no charge.

Copy Writing and Copy Editing


We write copy that works well in print and online.

Print and Online Copywriting

Writing for your website is different than writing for printed collateral. For your site, your copy needs to read well and incorporate the keyword phrases and content needed for SEO. It’s a balancing act, and getting it right requires research and experience. It also helps to know the rules—and when to break them. (We love our AP style guide, but have been known to stray on occasion.)

Copy Editing

If you already have copy, but it needs a little help, no problem. Sometimes it’s easy to write your own content from an insider’s perspective. When that happens, you may find your text loaded with industry-specific jargon and acronyms that your readers simply don’t get. We’re happy to take what you have and offer suggestions, edits or re-writes as needed. Not too dry, not too ‘salesy.’ Just right.

Graphic Design

A really good graphic designer can be worth their weight in gold. Well, you know.

Premium Identity Seed

Logo/Graphic Design

The cornerstone of your visual identity, your logo is critical for long-term success. One mistake many startups and small businesses make is underestimating the importance of having a professionally-designed logo. Your logo is not your brand—there’s a lot more to it than that, of course. However, a great logo is crucial for any brand to become truly successful. Can you imagine Apple, Ford or Coke with a poorly-designed logo, or none at all? Whether it’s Brand Cultivation or someone else, hire a pro and have your logo done right. It’s a wise investment.


To help establish your ‘look,’ an important part of your brand, we can create a full identity package for your company or group. This usually includes business cards, letterhead and envelopes.

Brand Tip

Along with brochures and ‘typical’ marketing collateral, consider note cards and thank you cards. Everyone, everyone emails. A handwritten note on your company’s printed note card or thank you card gets noticed—and remembered!


We’ve been at this a long time and have good relationships with many outstanding printers in the Atlanta area and across the U.S. We’ll be glad to provide a quote to print your identity package or other marketing collateral. We know printing requirements well and are good at setting up your files to print correctly.

Take the Next Step

Whether website, graphic design, marketing, writing, etc., if you’re in the market and you like what you see here, what’s next? Well, remember that old banking ad tagline, “We’re here. Let’s get started.”