Get Off Your Butt

Sorry, there’s just no nice way of saying it. But it needs to be said. According to an ever-increasing mountain of evidence, the longer we sit each day the more likely we are to be overweight—and die much younger than we would otherwise. Yikes. The good news? Now we know. And there are things that can be done, even if our job ‘requires’ us to sit for hours each day:

  • Stand up and stretch—regularly
  • Take a break and do some calisthenics (We are leaders, right?)
  • Get an ergonomic, convertible desk that allows you to stand at work
  • Do something about it today!

Get Off Your Butt Infographic


Source: We found this infographic at (from Ergotron, manufacturer of some pretty slick ergonomic gear that can help you accomplish a ‘Get Off Your Butt’ plan.) The infographic itself is from a company called Medical Billing & Coding.