Two New Commissions for 2018

I have two new mural commissions for 2018.

I have a mural to be installed in the newly remodeled Waterville Kroger entryway.The mosaic mural will depict the village of Waterville in a fun and stylized manner.

This mural will be installed in early 2018.

The other exciting mural commission for 2018 will be in Dayton, Ohio in another one of their new libraries. This mural will be installed in late 2018.

Again I am collaborating with Debra Buchanan as the designer and illustrator. She and I have such a wonderful working relationship. Our ideas come to life under her direction and then they have a whole new life in glass after I mosaic them. It is a great partnership and I am sure you will continue to see more work from the two of us.


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