Spring Collections

Spring is in the Air.

What does that mean to me? Well it means get out to my studio and get to work. My galleries and shops want new work; for many of them summer is their prime selling season. Sunflowers, poppies, wildflowers, birds and fish have all been used as the yearly theme.

Sometimes those designs become part of my permanent, on-going collection. If a design sells and sells and sells, it’s a keeper. Sunflowers, rainbow trout, owls all have sold well. Even though I am repeating a concept, each and every piece still has something new and unique about it. I change up the glass, the window sash, the background; even the style might change slightly from year to year.

This year’s theme began with quilts. My friend “Aunt Dana” is a quilter and lent me an assortment of quilting books for some fresh ideas. I have some beautiful art glass that has such stunning qualities, texture and richness; I have struggled on how to use that glass in my mosaics. This glass is extraordinary and to cut it into little mosaic pieces just did not feel right.

The quilt format was the perfect solution. I used broad stripes to create funky squares and rectangles and was able to use the art glass intact. The results are amazing.

I also love the Starry, Starry Night painting, by Van Gogh and had tried that design on a guitar for the 2014 Artprize show and wanted to revisit playing off that well-known piece. In addition to those two concepts, I had created Hawthorn blossoms for my presentation for the Ohio Arts Council and The Northcoast Behavioral health care facility and I fell in love with those blooms and the treatment I used on that piece.

So, this spring, I have three new themes, each created from a different place in my creative process. The quilts are all about the pieces of life fitting together, even if the fit is not perfect, life can feel so random, but the mosaic process can combine those parts together to create a beautiful whole.

The take-off of the Van Gogh, plays tribute to my love of his art and it is just speaks to me. The soft swirly sky above the little town, makes me feel both excitement and calm at the same time…and who doesn’t want both those emotions in their life? Finally, the Hawthorn tree, well, sometimes a design, layout, and colors work well and are screaming to be recreated!

Ultimately, part of being an artist is about being in business and the pieces that sell, and bring someone joy as they give it a place in their home, are the pieces that I want to create throughout the spring.

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