Animal House Glass Reviews

I can’t say enough about how much fun we had with this project! The community involvement proved to be a wonderful connection to our patrons, who now have pride in an art piece which they themselves helped to create. Gail’s energy throughout the community sessions was a large part of why the public enjoyed working with the glass and with her. 

Any organization thinking about this unique method of involving their constituents, would not go wrong with a call to Gail. It was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish! 

Karen Wiggins, Manager
Waterville Branch Library

Gail’s drive, energy and overall passion for individual and community development make her a positive force in the lives of those in our community! He ability to conceptualize and actualize ways in which to problem-solve are bar-none. She recognized the need of those who are homeless with mental health and addiction recovery needs, who are often ‘discarded’ in our community, and provided them a venue in which to speak up ‘without a voice’. This venue not only allowed a significant connection with our community members who are homeless, but with our community agencies and businesses. If you need a visionary who can actively carry out the details necessary, then Gail is you go-to!


Jason Goldswer, LISW-S, Associate Vice President of Clinical Services
A Renewed Mind

Gail may be the rare artist who also has the ability to be well organized, business-like and will do what it takes to make the mosaic a reality. She created the idea, asked A Renewed Mind to write the grant, and then has worked collaboratively with our artists and a dozen vendor to make it happen. Her creative vision, passion for the theme, personal involvement has made this very important awareness project in downtown Toledo become the beautiful art it is. Her energy is contagious. Would highly recommend her to other communities who would like to make a difference in the mental health field.

Janet Bosserman, VP
A Renewed Mind

Project Jericho has been creating in-depth art experiences for at-risk families for nearly fifteen years and I have to say that this was one of my favorite family programs to date!

The week of camp was amazing! Gail was very self-reliant. She came fully prepared to meet our timeline and fully invested in our community. She exceeded my expectations in many ways. The children felt so empowered to be able to work right beside their parents cutting glass and creating art of high quality.

While the art product is important, it is not the most important ingredient in a successful Project Jericho art experience. I have worked with many artists who can produce high quality art but few artists who are as skilled at teaching his or her art form to our families. Gail showed our families what it means to be passionate about what you do and she had faith that they would absolutely be successful.

Kristi Limes
Project Jericho, Outreach Education Specialist

This summer, I had the distinct pleasure of working with Gail Christofferson and Animal House Glass at the Monroe County Youth Center, a juvenile detention facility.

Gail was exceptionally sensitive to our special needs in terms of the security concerns involved in having our youth work with glass and glass cutting instruments. Gail worked with the youth and staff to develop the concept for the project (a lovely tree and river scene representing our facility logo), and facilitated 3 separate workshops in order to complete the project.

Gail is a delight to work with and is fantastically talented, and we would welcome any opportunity to work with Gail again on a mosaic project!

Melissa Strong, Director
Monroe County Youth Center


Thank you for my Peacock Guitar. I really fell in love with the guitars at the Nashville Airport, and am so glad I will be able to admire my guitar full time in my home.

Our Main library now has an eye-catching glass mosaic mural treasure hanging in the Morrison Reading Room.

Over a two-day ten hour period – more than a hundred community members and library employees helped assemble our mural by selecting and gluing down one piece of glass at a time. Children and adults worked side by side and found it easy to attach their part of the sky or the grass or a tree. A good time was had by all.

Gail did great preparation work back at her studio and was so organized in her made the community part at our building worked very smoothly. Gail has a warm, welcoming and energetic personality. She is very adept at inviting people to “just glue down a couple pieces” for her community-based art projects.

Gail showed great listening skills and artistic design capabilities in abundance as she produced sketches of possible designs as we worked together to pick just the right mosaic design for our location.

Valerie Smith
Public Services Coordinator
Lorain Public Library

We made it home, with window intact! We are so excited to have it. Enjoyed our tour of your workshop, barn and animals.

Thanks bunches!
Alicia & Bob

Your picture arrived safe and sound. Thank you for taking such special care packaging the piece. It is terrific! The vintage frame and the window look absolutely fantastic.

R. Borowiak
Downers Grove, IL

After seeing the unique art from Animal House Glass, The Victory Center (TVC) commissioned owner/artist Gail Christofferson to design and create a signature artwork in honor of TVC’s 15th Anniversary in spring 2011. The resulting mosaic is absolutely stunning. We couldn’t be more pleased!

Gail worked with more than 40 different individuals at The Victory Center on this piece, including cancer patients, volunteers, staff members, Board members and survivors. Without exception, she was gentle, warm, caring and fun. The feedback from people who participated over the four sessions all reported having a great time and their excitement over taking part in this group effort was contagious.

We highly recommend Gail to do any classes or community-focused projects. You won’t be disappointed.

Dianna L. Cherry
Executive Director

Penny McCloskey
Program Director


On behalf the Haskins Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization, I would like to recommend Ms. Gail Christofferson to you.

Gail has served as an artist in residence at our school annually for the past ten years. She comes to us every spring and does a series of glass mosaic projects with the children. The third through sixth graders have gotten a chance to make mosaic tables, game boards, window sashes, and more. In addition, each year Gail coordinates projects for two grade levels to do and take home themselves.

This past year, Gail has gone above and beyond in proposing and working closely with the school system to develop a 20 foot glass mosaic to be installed in a new elementary building. Funding was secured through working with Gail and the PTO from several sources including joint PTO fund raisers, a foundation grant and a gift from Monsanto Corporation. The project was designed not just as a wonderful work of art to commemorate the new joint school building, but also as a community project to celebrate, involve and unite two elementary buildings. Gail has worked tirelessly at securing as broad base of community support and involvement in the project. Many different community organizations in four different towns, four different schools (including junior high and high school), all school staff, and a number of school parents and alumni have had a chance to participate in the creation of the project.

Gail is truly an artist and a professional. She demonstrates strong project management skills from grant writing and supply purchasing through to event planning and the actual execution of the piece of art. In addition, Gail is a very talented artist. As a PTO we would not hesitate in recommending Gail for any similar type of community or grant based mosaic project work.

Best Regards,
Ellen Bolman Pullins,
Communication Coordinator
HES Parent Teacher Organization
Haskins Elementary School

Gail is a fine artist and instructor. I first met her while serving as superintendent of Otsego Schools. She was very active in the PTO and volunteered countless hours toward projects that helped our students. Often she worked with students on glass mosaic projects that were treasured by the creators. Eventually she became a key member of the schools’ communication effort utilizing her background as a graphic artist. Having worked closely with her for many years, I learned that she is creative and willing to see large, demanding projects through to a successful conclusion.

In recent years, I have witnessed her work with all age groups in creating glass artwork. My wife has taken part in one of her classes and totally enjoyed the experience. I believe this was the case because of the relaxed atmosphere of the class and the good sense of humor that Gail shares. Many classes were offered via the Grand Rapids Arts Council, and I know they were always pleased with the positive response from participants.

Recently Gail was commissioned to create the mosaic glass panels that will be on permanent display in the new Otsego Elementary School. Many artists would have walked away from this project because of the patience needed to work with the number of “owners” involved in this project. Gail has the insight to understand the need of the community to be an integral part of the project—from planning to execution. Her efforts will result in hundreds of students and residents knowing they had a part in making a unique contribution to their school. I know she has also done the needed research to incorporate the necessary materials in the project to meet the needs of the architects and builders involved. This is a good example of her willingness and desire to make sure the artwork is properly exhibited.

Her glass art speaks for itself. Without hesitation, I recommend Gail Christofferson for any mosaic artwork project.

Joe Long
Past Otsego School District Superintendent

My mom loved the sunflower window! Thanks for packing it with such care and all of your help.

J. Helwege-Eberts
Denver, CO