A little Help from My Friends

How my business has grown “With a Little Help From My Friends”

My art is a business. And that means that along with producing beautiful mosaics, I strive to make a living at my craft.

I am able to tackle the parts of my business I love and am confident executing with little trepidation. I can create new pieces, mosaic the heck out of a guitar and am not afraid to sell my work and myself.

Then there are the other parts and pieces of running a successful art business that I maybe do not have a high level of proficiency, or am in the process of mastering those skills.

Paperwork – time sheets, accounting, mileage, etc – I am forced to focus and work at getting better at these tasks as my business grows. “It is essential to be able to keep track of the details to really be in business.” (a direct quote from my loving husband Bruce Works)

Installation solutions – some require a background and knowledge of construction that I just do not possess.

Proposals – the photos and endless copy.

These parts of my business that are not my strong suit, they require a little help from friends.
(Go ahead, sing it!)

For fun, check out this video of Joe Crocker, rocking!

How would I have kept this business growing without Bruce Works, my business guru, IT guy, and over-all mentor and supporter?

Keeping track of actual records, mileage, expenses, insurance all seems horribly dull and tedious to me, however I am sure it has lead to the success of my business. Thank you Bruce.

My large-scale projects each require some well thought-out installation considerations. I have ideas and concepts for the installation, but I am not an engineer or that well versed in construction concepts and processes. I am getting better with each large-scale installation!

To be successful I have had to rely on my friends to get the proper help when I need it. My friends Jim Smolenski (Moochalicious), Joe Long, Tammy Euler, and of course Bruce Works, to name just a few, have guided me with their expertise and construction knowledge. Thank you construction crew.

How do you succeed as an artist? With good promotional materials and well presented proposals, and that means professional photography and well-written copy. Again my husband and professional photographer Bruce Works has helped me present my body of work in a polished and high-quality manner.

Proposals, resumes, and artist statements….the list goes on and on for the need for outstanding copy. I can write a casual blog post, and certainly can rough in any proposal and other copy needs. But for good, really good writing that is a whole different ball game. My background in advertising and long-time friendships with those REALLY good copywriters has been a bonus.

Special thanks to Paula Ashley, John Adams, Tom Hofbauer, and Cody Burke. All who have taken my rough drafts and turned them into beautifully composed works of art in their own right.

As you can see being a successful artist takes more than just the knowledge and passion of your art form. It takes a support team and I am lucky I have such gifted people in my life that have been willing to share their special talents to help my business grow.

Special Thanks to Bruce Works, the ultimate supporter.

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