Installation Day X2

Lorain Library and Project Jericho/Clark State installation:

The big day of installation….ALWAYS a bit of a knot in my stomach, a mix of anticipation and nervousness. I can’t wait to see the finished project and yet I am nervous that the piece will be just right and that all will go smoothly during the installation.

Well July was a busy installation month! I installed the Lorain Library on July 1. Well, I actually did not install it; I had a great crew from the libraries building staff to do the installing.

This mural is comprised of 12 panels, each 20” by 30”. The panels are hung together to create one large mural. These panels are hung individually with French cleat hangers and have an inch between each panel for a grid-style look. It was a new and interesting approach. Every mural has distinct client and building limitations and requirements. This project was no different and I look at the process as an opportunity to come up with a creative solution.

This approach allowed for an easy solution to an existing building and did not require any special construction or modifications to the wall. The French cleat on each panel was a simple and effective solution.

Next I installed, well again, I really did not install the Project Jericho panels, Clark State and Dan the Man, did the installation. Project Jericho’s Lo Houser and I helped a bit but mostly Dan had it totally under control. This installation had a totally different set of parameters.

There were 10 – 20” x 40” drilled tempered glass panels. Each panel had an abstract pattern on it that loosely played off the carpet in the room. The Summer Camp Project Jericho teens created the mosaics by using long strips of glass in a select palette of colors, which repeated in a variety of vertical and horizontal patterns.

The pieces were grouted like all of my mosaics and then hung at various heights in the windows of the new student union on the Clark State Community College.

The 10 panels are beautifully backlit that will enhance the glass and take on a different look depending on the light on each day.

Wow, two large-scale community-based installations this summer…..and both with stunning results. Thank you so much to the Lorain crew and to Dan at Clark State. The community participants and I thank you for taking such great care with our art and making the installation go smoothly.

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