Bonnaroo Music Festival / Nashville Airport

Bonnaroo Music Festival and the Nashville International Airport have collaborated on an art installation commission to promote Bonnaroo. For nine months, starting in March, I will have 27 guitars on display in Concourse A of the airport.

I have taken the last few months to create a variety of instruments that will hang from a skylight. In early March we travel to Nashville to install these mosaics.

Here is my artist statement for this installation:

Mosaic \ mō’zā-ik \, noun: 1. A picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as tile or glass. A combination of diverse elements forming a coherent whole.

Bonnaroo \ Bän ʌ̃-rü’ \, noun: 1. A music festival created by bringing together a multitude of music and people,The Fountain, The Comedy Theatre, The Cinema Tent, Planet Roo and more… A combination of diverse elements forming a coherent whole for four amazing days in June.

See the Music \ sē’ thē myo͞ozik \, verb: A collection of unique guitar artwork which represents the spirit and the mood of the music and the experience of Bonnaroo. Each one-of-a-kind guitar is designed with an individual motif that visually represents the energy of a musician. The bright colors and bold design of each guitar is reflective of those who attend this celebration and of the universal power, joy and inspiration of music.



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