Animal House Glass

Glass Mosaic Murals, Guitars and Windows

Each beautiful, handmade mosaic by artist Gail Christofferson, whether a glass mosaic mural or an individual work of art utilizing a vintage guitar or antique reclaimed window frame, is one of a kind creation abounding with unique charm and character.

mosaic \ mōˈzā-ik \ , noun: 1. A picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile, or glass. A combination of diverse elements forming a coherent whole.

Mosaics invoke the grandeur of stained glass you might see in a church while retaining the rustic qualities of hand-crafted artwork. From a distance, you see the overall image. As the mosaic draws you closer, you begin to see the intricacies of the individual elements and how they interact and contribute to the piece. Like any work of art, a mosaic is meant to be viewed time and time again. With mosaics however, the carefully crafted individual elements provide a chance to see something new with every viewing.