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I can help you win your civil or criminal case in the courts of appeal.

A court has decided your case. One side lost, and the other side won. But your case might not be over. Sometimes, the losing side can ask a higher court to change the first court’s decision: an “appeal.” If the judges of the appeals court decide that the lower court made an error, they may undo the result of your case.

I’m an Atlanta attorney representing clients in the courts of appeal, with thirteen years’ experience at large law firms and as a law professor. Whether you lost your case and want to appeal, or won your case and must fight against an appeal, I may be able to help you.

You should act quickly.

The law usually allows only a very short time to appeal or to defend against an appeal. You may lose rights if you don’t contact an attorney soon.

Appealas Attorney Andy Clark, Atlanta GA

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The time to act on an appeal is limited, and there’s no charge for our initial conversation.