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Is design your passion, your calling in life? Does it cloud your otherwise normal vision? Do you have a tendency to imagine ways that practically anything can be improved? Yeah. Same here.

Brand Cultivation is a small but growing design agency. We work hard and take pride in our work. We deliver creative solutions that help our clients grow their business including web design, logo design, graphic design and marketing support. As we grow, this is the place you’ll find our career openings for like-minded professionals in the metro Atlanta area.

Freelance Web Designer

Brand Cultivation is currently assembling a select group of freelance web designers for future website projects. Here’s the deal :

  • You Like Project Work
    You’re independent and you thrive on flexibility. You are absolutely giddy when each project is wrapped up, nice and tidy.
  • You’re Local
    You live in or around metro Atlanta. 
  • You Are Remarkably Creative
    You’ve designed great looking websites that people ooh and aah over, and have the links to prove it. You have been known to wear socks that don’t match. On purpose.
  • You Totally Get User Interface
    Your designs positively ooze usability—and you wouldn’t have it any other way. 
  • You’ve Got Fantastic References
    We’re making our list, checking it twice. No references, no worky.
  • You’re Not a Coder
    You may know some HTML, but Photoshop and Illustrator are the sandboxes you play in.

If a verbal ‘that’s me!’ escaped your lips as you read that, let’s talk.

Click this hyperlink to be teleported to our submit-your-resume-through-the-interwebs page:

Web Developer

  • No full-time openings at the moment

Web Designer

  • No full-time openings just now

Graphic Designer

  • No full-time openings available today